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15歳で劇団四季に合格し、ミューシカルで活躍後、英国マシュー・ボーンのニューアドベンチャーズに日本人で初めて入団。「くるみ割り人形」では主役クララを演じ、「エドワード・シザーハンズ」「Highland Fling」(愛と幻想のシルフィード)、トニー賞受賞の「白鳥の湖」「カーマン」 「眠りの森の美女」出演。

現在は、マシュー・ボーンのインターナショナルツアーの「前座公演」振付、ワークショップを担当。 「ドリアングレイ」日本公演のリハーサルアシスタントも経験した。

最近ではNYのアーティスト、Kazue Taguchiの作品でNYの The Museum of Art and Designで踊った。

又、振付家として N.Y の全米 No.1 のミュージカル「フェーム」のモデルにもなったラガーディア芸術高校で「サウンド・オブ・ミュージック」や芝居の「プライドと偏見」「キルトに綴る愛」「Compleat Female Stage Beauty」振付で活躍中。

ピッツバーグ大学の「Zanna Don’t!」振付やコンテンポラリーのコンクール作品振付では、N.Y の Hariyama Ballet の二名のダンサー達が銀賞を受賞。YAGP N.Y でもトップ 12 入賞。

2019 年には、国際バレエコンクールで 1 位と 4 位を受賞。


ブロードウェイミュージカルを学ぶNYのプログラム「ブロードウェイ ・エクスペリエンス」 (TBE)のアシスタント・ディレクター。

N.Y の Hariyama Ballet、マイズナーテクニックで有名な「ネイバーフッド・プレイハウス」でコンテンポラリー、シアターダンス指導、ジョフリーバレエサマーインテンシブでコンテンポラリー、シアターダンス、バレエを指導、カーネギー・メロン大学、プリンストン大学など全米、日本でワークショップを開催している。


その他出演作品は「王様と私 」(ロイヤルアルバートホール)、 劇団四季「キャッツ」、「ジーザス・クライスト=スーパースター」、「アスペクツ・オブ・ラブ」、「ウエストサイド物語」、「オペラ座の怪人」、「ハンス」、「オンディーヌ」、スイセイ・ミュージカル「フェーム」、「ピアニスト」。 オーストリア、州立バレエ・リンツにてロバート・


Mami has worked with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures dance company since 1999 touring globally in several international markets. She has performed a number of principal and featured roles including the TONY award winning Swan Lake, Nutcracker!, The Car Man, Highland Fling and Edward Scissorhands which won the 2007 New York Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Theatrical Event. She also performed in Sleeping Beauty which won The Stage International Award in 2017. She recently danced with Kazue Taguchi for a commissioned art piece for the Museum of Art and Design in New York. She was assistant choreographer for Olivier Award musical "Merrily We Roll Along" in 2021 Tokyo Japan with director Maria Friedman and choreographer Tim Jackson. Mami was also a company member of Landestheater Ballet Linz, Austria. She performed in The King and I at The Royal Albert Hall, London and joined the Shiki Theatre Company in Japan when she was 15 years old. Her credits include Cats (Bombalurina & Victoria), Jesus Christ Superstar, West
Side Story, The Phantom of the Opera, Aspects of Love and HANS (Andersen). She has performed for Suisei company in Fame (Iris Kelly).
Choreography credits include The Sound Of Music for New York’s LaGuardia High School a.k.a. ‘The Fame School’ which was selected for the Shubert Foundation Festival NYC 2019.
She also choreographed Pride and Prejudice, the world Premiere of How To Make An American Quilt and Compleat Female Stage Beauty. She choreographed Zanna Don’t! for Pittsburgh University and Just Feel It, an original contemporary dance production with international collaborators, presented in Japan. Mami is a teaching artist and co-creator for Matthew Bourne’s ReBourne educational company. Her competition choreography has won several top-placing awards including the New York WAGP Contemporary Dance Competition (Top 12), Latvia Ballet competition (Silver), and Japan International Competition (1st Prize).

Teaching credits include Matthew Bourne’s ReBourne educational company and New Adventures company class guest teacher. She also served as a rehearsal assistant director for Matthew Bourne’s Dorian Gray in Japan, 2013. Mami is the artist director at MID Manhattan Ballet & Musical Arts and she is teaching at Hariyama Ballet N.Y and Neighborhood Playhouse. Mami is a guest teacher for schools and studios across the globe.
Selected credits include LaGuardia High School a.k.a. ‘The Fame School’, Joffrey Ballet School, Mark Morris Dance Group, Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton University and Steps on Broadway. Mami was guest teacher for Cedar Lake Dance Company and the assistant director and faculty member for The Broadway Experience.
Film and T.V credits include Matthew Bourne’s Nutcracker! (BBC in the UK, Fuji TV in Japan) and Highland Fling (Tokyo TV in Japan).

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